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Become a Podcaster With Purpose

This Audit and Strategy Session is for you if:

  • You want to ensure you have everything in place so you can hit the ground running and begin to monetize your podcast from the very first episode.
  • You want your podcast to cut through the noise, engage with your ideal client and compel them to want to learn more from you.
  • You want a clear step-by-step strategy and action plan to guide you so you know you have everything in place to start monetizing your podcast from the get-go.

Podcast Audit & Strategy Session

$770AUD Single Pay
  • Step 1: Complete our Podcast Review Form
  • Step 2: Annemarie will do a deep dive analysis into the information you provide:
  • Review three podcast episodes which you are most proud of
  • Analysis of your Digital Footprint and overall Online Presence
  • A Customized Podcast Assessment Scorecard, which assesses:
  • Your Podcast Profit Pipeline (and potential to monetize your podcast)
  • Branding & Message | Your Ideal Client (i.e. audience) | Your Ideal Guest | Structure & Formatting of Your Podcast | Streamlined Systems & Processes
  • Setting the Stage: Powerful Interviewing Techniques | Recording, Mixing & Editing Process & Podcast/Media Sites | Momentum Building Marketing
  • Step 3: Feedback & Strategy Session:
  • 1-hour session with Annemarie where she can answer your questions while provide advice on what you need to focus on in order to begin monetizing your podcast.

Your Audit & Strategy Session comes complete with 100% 30 day money back guarantee.

Podcasting Money Back Guarantee

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